Federal-Postal Coalition Urges Congress to Support Postal and Federal Employees

Recognizing the strain postal and federal employees are under due to COVID-19, NPMHU, along with other members of the Federal-Postal Coalition, expressed to members of Congress the need for financial relief for the Postal Service as well as assistance for those employed by USPS and other federal agencies.

The letter called for quarterly public service appropriations during fiscal year 2021 for USPS in order to combat the loss of revunue as a result of the coronavirus; a public service appropriation of $25 billion in order to support its employees and the infrastructure of the Postal Service; ensure sick and family leave for postal employees is not an unfunded mandate for USPS; and, clearly define postal employees as front line workers in order to receive hazard pay.

Additionally, the Coalition urged elected officials to fund appropriations for personal protective equipment for employees who are deemed essential, and that these PPEs are widely available. As these employees are risking their health and safety on a daily basis, the letter further called for the need of hazard premium pay, ensuring frontline employees receive appropriate compensation while working during a pandemic.

As postal and federal employees continue to work during the coronavirus pandemic, it is imparative Congress recognizes their need for health and safety security.

Federal-Postal Coalition Letter on COVID-19

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