Federal judge sides with letter carrier in case against USPS

Burlington, VT – An Upper Valley postmaster acted in “extreme bad faith” in overseeing a letter carrier from North Pomfret, including falsely accusing him of repeatedly striking her in the head with a five-pound scanner, a federal judge ruled earlier this month.

U.S. Court of Federal Claims Senior Judge Loren A. Smith also awarded Brian Bowles, who was acquitted of a criminal charge in 2013, more than $72,000 in damages for wrongful termination by the United States Postal Service and sent a copy of his decision to federal prosecutors, suggesting that Hartford Village Postmaster Rosi O’Connell be investigated for perjury.

“Ms. O’Connell’s false accusations resulted in the plaintiff standing trial for an assault he did not commit. It also serves as the prime example of a government supervisor acting in extreme bad faith,” Smith wrote in the Aug. 8 decision.

“As Ms. O’Connell repeatedly perjured herself on the stand and engaged in incessant improper conduct as a government employee, the Court directs a copy of this decision to the United States Attorney for the District of Columbia for further investigation and action.”


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I wonder where she gets transferred to?

Exactly!!! She won’t be fired…..just transferred to another office.

Yep, she will be transferred and get a higher paying position. That’s the way the PO works.

Reporting isn’t what it used to be. How about some background about this case? Or is just stating the judgment of a case, without giving any previous details now passing as “reporting”?

Just got herself a promotion to district

Probably here in Athens Ga. we are the dump off site for mis fit management!

Shame on the USPS and it practices

I worked 34 years in dat penitentiary and it’s not the job that’s a pain it’s a few fellow employees and most of the supervisors that are a pain, and I can guarantee you that postmaster Lied her Ass off.

Cut the losses make em’ bosses!!!!

I believe that the Postmasters push their weight and hold their mployees jobs over their head and I think some are abusive not just the carries but also the clerks suffer under their abuse .I feel they need to answer for their behavior and someone should hold their jobs over their heads ,My grandfather was a Postmaster for many years he always treated his employees with respect and he did his job with pride not abusing his employees.

I have such a postmaster. For the past 6 yrs. Nothing but trouble. Grievances etc.I literally have to work under stress and fear I’m gonna get. WROTE UP. or something everyday..what can I do?? Grievances always get settled at step one and that’s the end..its very stressful..