Federal judge gives Trump administration 10 days to answer questions about USPS slowdowns

A federal judge is ordering the Trump administration to answer questions and turn over evidence about Postal Service policy changes within 10 days as part of a lawsuit brought by a collection of states over mail slowdowns and the impact on the 2020 election.

At the hearing on Thursday, Chief Judge Stanley Bastian of the US District Court for the Eastern District of Washington urged the Trump administration and the Democratic state attorneys general who brought the case to move quickly. He also signaled to the Postal Service not to drag out litigation with procedural fights that could disenfranchise voters.

“We don’t have much time between now and this election,” Bastian said. “I think everyone on this call wants their vote to be counted.”

“Everybody in this country is relying on the Postal Service to do their job,” Bastian added. “I hope at some point we’ll be hearing from the Postal Service not a bunch of procedural or jurisdictional arguments, but some assurance to the American public that the Postal Service is up to the challenge to deliver ballots to the voters and back to the states so they can be counted.”

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