Family Puts Up Billboard In Hopes Of Finding Shooter Who Killed Postal Worker

COUNTRY CLUB HILLS, Ill. (CBS) — A desperate family made a new push for answers Monday in the killing of a beloved U.S. postal worker on Interstate 57.

Just over a year ago, Tamara Clayton, 55, was the victim of a random shooting on the expressway – one of the most dangerous in Chicago.

As CBS 2’s Jermont Terry reported, there are plenty of billboards to grab your attention along I-57 near 161st Street. But Clayton’s family wants every driver to pay attention to one specific one.

“She did not deserve this at all,” said Clayton’s daughter, Jayla Shelton, “and none of these people that you’re innocently killing deserve this. So just put them down.”

Shelton lives in Florida. While more than 900 miles away, she is determined to keep fighting to find out who shot her mother as she drove down I-57 in February 2019.

“By putting the billboard back up, let people know that my family is not giving up the fight,” Shelton said.


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