Expect more mail delays as USPS plans to consolidate facilities, postal workers warn

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Officials from the American Postal Workers Union are warning U.S. citizens to expect more delayed mail moving forward as the U.S. Postal Service looks to consolidate more than a dozen mail sorting facilities across the country.

The union released a statement this week slamming the plan, which USPS says is part of a 10-year plan aimed at spurring cash flow and savings. According to the statement, postal management informed the union on Tuesday of “management’s intent to pursue consolidations and operational mail moves in 18 facilities nationwide” by November 2021.

Union officials say they have not been told how the changes will impact workers or if the impacted facilities will be “repurposed.”

In the statement, the union’s president called the plan to consolidate a “misguided strategy” that will “further delay mail.”


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The union and management together have destroyed the post office and made it untenable for decades requiring consistent taxpayer bailout. It’s time to let a real business person who’s actually operating successfully in the real world takeover and shape up the dysfunctional post office. All federal agencies are totally dysfunctional and ineffective and wasteful The post office is the worst. I know I work there.