EVO subsidiary awarded USPS delivery contracts

A subsidiary of EVO Transportation and Energy Services Inc., an alternative fuel services company and emerging transportation operator, was awarded 117 delivery service contracts from the USPS across 29 states.

The contracts range from three to six years in duration and will bring in over $8 million in annual revenue.

Thunder Ridge Transport Inc.’s new contracts began last month, with 130 new delivery vans expected to take on the bulk of deliveries.

“The addition of these contracts marks another step forward for EVO as we continue to utilize our national scale and position ourselves to be the preferred supplier to the US Postal Service,” said John Yeros, CEO of EVO.

The vans will service the USPS with final mile deliveries in rural areas across the United States, which marks the first time EVO will be servicing this segment.

Historically, the company has operated in the long haul and local/area-wide markets.

“The new contracts showcase our expanded capabilities as we broaden our operations to begin final mile delivery services for the first time,” Yeros said.

“We believe this provides an additional competitive advantage when bidding for upcoming contracts and will continue to attract additional companies in this niche to join our growing platform.”

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Seriously???? Where is OUR RURAL UNION ON THIS? “Give Rural Jobs Away and They Still Pay!”, is this the new RCLCA MOTO?

What union? We’ve been without a contract for a year and we still don’t know what’s going on! Think the union actually knows or cares about a bunch of routes? Only thing our union cares about, according to our monthly magazine, is the upcoming convention.

This evo company is a joke. You don’t receive your mail in a timely manner. They should be held responsible to pay your bills if they are delivered late. The usps contracted these clowns. They suck.