Englewood Police Revive Heart Attack Victim With Assist From Postal Supervisor

POLICE HEROES: A trio of Englewood police officers revived a heart attack victim with an assist from a local postal supervisor.

It happened quickly: One second, 67-year-old mail handler Aubrey Harvey was standing by the timeclock talking with the Englewood postmaster, the same as he always does before his morning break — the next he was gasping for air on the floor.

Harvey, who’s been with the U.S. Postal Service nearly 50 years, “was having what looked like a seizure,” supervisor Ramón Maldonado said. “He was totally unresponsive and gasping for air.”

A 911 dispatcher told him someone needed to immediately begin CPR.

“Everything flashed right there,” said Maldonado, 30, of Palisades Park, who learned CPR in high school. “I started doing chest compressions. “I was going back and forth with the operator and kept doing the compressions.

“We lost him for a moment there, but I kept doing the compressions.”

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