Employees speak out about conditions at Dundalk Post Office

Dundalk, Maryland – An employee at the Dundalk Post Office has tested positive for COVID-19, as was confirmed by local news reports on April 1.

No other information was reported at the time. Now, post office employees have come forward to blow the whistle, alleging that the situation is not being handled properly by the management. What they allege describes a habit of negligence and irresponsibility made worse by the coronavirus global pandemic.

Joshua Foulke has been a mail carrier in Dundalk for 17 years. He contacted The Dundalk Eagle to not only confirm that the post office does allegedly have a positive case, but also alleged that the way management is handling the situation could potentially lead to inadvertent spread of the virus.

“Everyone (who works at the post office) has been exposed to COVID-19,” Foulke alleged. “There is no PPE (personal protective equipment). If there is, they put it in there (April 1) because we had to call politicians to complain about what they are doing to us.”

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