Electronic Signatures Coming to USPS Deliveries on October 7th, 2019

On October 7, the Postal Service is adding an electronic signature service “USPS Electronic Signature Online™” to Informed Delivery that removes the need for Informed Delivery customers to physically sign for deliveries requiring a signature. The key benefits are:

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  • Greater satisfaction for consumers by not requiring them to be at home waiting for package deliveries
  • The USPS Carrier will be able to deliver the typical package on the first attempt to the delivery address without having to arrange for redeliveries.

The USPS Electronic Signature Online™ service allows Informed Delivery customers to use an eSignature Online to sign for the following eligible items:

  • Priority Mail Express
  • Signature Confirmation
  • Insurance greater than $500

Here’s how USPS Electronic Signature Online works:

Eligible incoming packages will appear on the Informed Delivery ‘Packages’ dashboard for consumers who have opted-in for the service, and they will be able to add their eSignature for the item on a per package basis, provided they apply their eSignature prior to the “Arrival at Unit” scan. The eSignature will be transmitted to the USPS Carrier’s Mobile Delivery Device (MDD) through Regional Intelligent Mail Server (RIMS), and an alert will be displayed to the USPS Carrier.

The merchant will have an option to block the eSignature option to the recipient of a package if they want a physical signature by indicating on the Shipping Services File (SSF) that they do not want to use the addressee’s USPS Electronic Signature Online™.

This new service is another example of the Postal Service providing more convenience to consumers while also satisfying the needs of merchants who appreciate greater efficiency and cost savings for package deliveries. For more information on USPS Electronic Signature Online™, go to the website https://www.usps.com/manage/


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