Electrifying the US postal fleet was always a no-brainer

The US Postal Service will electrify about one-third of the vehicles in its delivery fleet by 2028, the agency announced on Dec. 20. The switch to electric vehicles (EVs) is a low-hanging win for the fight against climate change that will save the government money, reduce air pollution, and make a significant dent in greenhouse gas emissions.

Postal fleets are a perfect candidate for EVs. They run predictable routes, making it easy to situate charging stations and schedule charging times. They brake frequently, allowing batteries to stay charged longer via regenerative braking. A March 2022 analysis by the USPS concluded that 99% of the service’s routes are shorter than 70 miles, which is just about the distance the prospective EV postal truck can travel on one battery charge.

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As a retired 25 yr. carrier in the Northeast, in the winter during a storm, I had to choose between headlights, wipers or heater sometimes in order to finish the route. Batteries lose a lot of their power in the cold. Glad I retired when I did.

Wasting 10 billion on ev for only 66,000. That is dumb ! Remove the 3rd parties , and use gas LLV. Improve what we have.