Electric Drive Vendor Exits $6.3 Billion Mail Truck Program

There are new delays, and one bidder has exited the U.S. Postal Service’s program to replace its aging fleet of mail trucks with 180,000 next-generation delivery vehicles.

A key subcontractor with electric vehicle experience has told the Postal Service it would withdraw from the program and not participate past the prototype stage, according to a copy of a letter from London EV Co. USA obtained by Trucks.com. The letter also noted that AM General was the partner company.

“Once the prototype contract is complete, LEVC USA will collect its vehicles and conclude its participation in the NGDV Program,” the company said in its letter.

AM General did not immediately respond to a request for comment. It, like all the bidders, is bound by Postal Service nondisclosure agreements.

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More delays – is that surprising ? The new vehicles have been nothing but talk which is nothing new (Postal Service Lip Service)