Effective July 1, USPS Hikes International Shipping Rates; Shippers Consider Alternatives

MIAMI, June 29, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — On July 1, a new United States Postal Service pricing structure for the movement of low-value small parcels goes into effect, raising rates on international shipments connecting a number of origin and destination postal systems.(1) “These rate increases,” says A.J. Hernandez, president and CEO of international business-to-consumer shipping firm SkyPostal, Inc., “further confuse a global ecommerce marketplace already struggling with the market confusion and logistical difficulties caused by the recent coronavirus-triggered shutdown in international delivery.”

Logistics services, notes Hernandez, were affected worldwide this spring when freight forwarders like the U.S. Postal Service stopped delivery services across more than 100 international markets. Thousands of businesses that depended on USPS for their international deliveries were left stranded, as they rushed to find alternative ways of getting shipments into their desired markets.(2)

The postal procedures taking effect July 1 will require foreign recipient countries to ratify new rates under ePacket, a USPS service that allows packages to be shipped—quickly, inexpensively, and with tracking—to more than 40 countries. As of July 1, the available list of ePacket recipient countries will shrink to 12; major ecommerce markets like the UK and Brazil are not among them. Given these circumstances, industry experts recommend that shippers move parcel volume to commercial networks such as carriers and freight forwarders to obtain discounted rates.(3)

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