Editorial: Let Postal Service ship booze and wine

FEDEX can do it. UPS can do it. Why not the U.S. Postal Service?

We are talking about shipping booze and wine directly to customers.

The answer to the why not question is: There is a federal prohibition in place banning the Postal Service from being able to do it.

Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley, a Democrat, introduced legislation to change that. The ban would be over. If a cidery, a brewery or a winery had a license it could ship directly to someone of legal drinking age through the mail.

One important caveat: No pre-teen would be able to check the mailbox and start sipping on the latest from the wine of the month club selection before mom and dad got home. Merkley wanted appropriate protections in place. The bill says the recipient of the delivery “shall be an individual at least 21 years of age, and shall present a valid, Government-issued photo identification at the time of delivery.”

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Great plan! Let the USPS ship booze, imagine how happy your neighbor will be when your hooch is left at their house instead of yours. Or think of this, your expensive limited production hooch arrives smashed by a 75 lb Amazon bag of cat litter.