eBay phasing out problematic USPS Parcel Select service

eBay acknowledged in a recent community chat that it is phasing USPS Parcel Select as an option for eBay Labels. In a response from a seller, an eBay community manager wrote:

“USPS Parcel Select is being phased out as an option for sellers using eBay Labels. This was due to it not being widely utilized, and having a higher rate of poor buyer experiences (more common INRs, etc).”

“The phase out is a slow one, but eventually it will no longer be an option to use with eBay Labels. Thanks!”

USPS Parcel select is ground shipping service to provide an economical option to ship packages up to 70 lbs. and measure up to 130 inches in combined length and distance around the thickest part.

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That’s fine but what they should do is get rid of ebay sellers using media mail since probably 70% of items sent media mail from eBay don’t qualify for media mail rate.

Need to get rid of the ‘if it fits, it ships’. People cram 70lbs. of crap for a very low price.

We had a box of Lysol which was shipped as media mail from a company in New York this goes on a lot lost revenue just on that one box seven dollars

Yes. And I had a box of packing peanuts sent to me via media mail from a company in Colorado. I thought it odd that they were sending the peanuts in a box instead of a bag. Then I saw that they had placed a CD on top of the peanuts so it would be the first thing you saw when you opened the box. At first I thought it had fallen off their desk during the packaging process. I checked it, and it was blank. I then checked the box and noticed the media mail label. The presence of… Read more »

The USPS charges a riduculously high fee for everything, they take no care in how they handle packages, and refuse to take responsibility for their own mistakes. ALL packages should ship at the rate of media mail. The poor quality of service and frankly b*tchy USPS employees doesn’t warant any higher price.

We the People need to take back the post office.