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What’s with all the llv fires lately?? Wow!! Samantha De La Cruz

I’m not sure. Definitely something to look into though…

Someone pulled down the heating duct from the LLV dash so they could have heat on their feet. I have never touched it. I figured it was fine because just about every other carrier does the same thing in their LLV. Over time, it melted the wires that made the headlights operational in the LLV I use daily. Funny, because I never thought the heat actually got hot enough to melt wires! Luckily, I didn’t have a fire.

I guarantee the heater ducting did not cause a fire! You want to know what the likely causes are, talk to a technician that works on them every day. Hint…look at the Daytime Running Light fuse and the 4-way switches…..

My supervisor was the one that told me the heater most likely melted the wires. I plainly said “bullshit” to her but she walked away in a huff ?

Of course, let’s blame the carriers for all these fires. ?????

Geeeze. Hope the carrier was ok

Carrier was okay and from what I’ve read, most mail was removed.

When are we ever going to get new vehicles, theses things are such a death trap, Jamie Huth

Wow… This one is close…

Someone is going to get killed in those things sad.

We don’t in the south and they burn here!

Humm… USPS claims “safety” is top priority ~Poof Yeah Right! It would be nice if there was some “action” on their part, especially with the LLVs, instead of a lot of hypocritical lying rhetoric, excuses, and passing-the-buck and blame. Their negligence in getting the situation with these “ancient” LLV resolved is eventually going to get carriers hurt, if not killed! I AM so glad I drive My own vehicle most of the time. When I have to drive one of these, I AM paranoid during the whole route, and all these fires lately is not helping it.

I customer on my route asked me the other day how I liked driving an Llv. I was surprised that he knew what it was called so I asked if he worked for the post office. He said no, but that he had bought one to fix up. Why on earth anyone would want to do that is beyond me.

Too much of this happening!

The 25 year old wires are wearing out and shorting out while years worth of oil leaks are creating a wealth of grease all around the vehicle just waiting for a spark. One spark and presto chango we’ve got a BBQ going

seems like almost everyday one goes up in smoke

Rain leaking on fuse box?

Surprisingly, no. The water and ice go right through the fuse box and these fires appear to be electrical but nothing to do with the fuse box. More likely overheated wires from the lights. There has been a marked increase in fires since the requirement of headlights during the day.

I reported that the toggle switch that operates my 4-ways gets extremely hot to the touch. This is after about 20 minutes of continuous use. Of course, no problem was found.

Isn’t this the 2nd one in Easton this year?

Vaping at its best.

Its actually amazing how much we get done with these heaps. i just have the wookie beat on the hyperdrive with a hammer til it goes!BH

My heater motor started smoking so I disconnected it and drove that icebox for 4 days till it got fixed…Not saying that is why they are catching fire, but could that be a problem? I agree that something has to change. We replace vans with promoters, why not change for the LLV?

Wow…there was one in Georgia Saturday also. Truck and mail were a total loss. When is the po going to realize , their biggest safety hazard is the trucks they send us out in?! Glad both carriers got out unhurt!