Durango postal worker caught on video throwing mail from vehicle

Sometimes U.S. Postal Service mail makes it into the mailbox. Other times, the ground nearby seems close enough.

The Postal Service is investigating an employee after a Durango-area resident filmed him tossing mail onto La Posta Road (County Road 213) south of Durango from his vehicle.

“All I can tell you is that we are investigating it,” said Michael King, Durango postmaster.

King and the Postal Service offices began reviewing the video Tuesday, he said. Because the investigation is ongoing, King did not release the name of the postal worker or say whether the worker’s actions could be considered a crime. He also did not say whether the employee was still actively working with the Durango post office.

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I didn’t see anything. He dropped mail out the window, probably shouldn’t have. But, it shows him getting out of vehicle and walking towards the boxes. Video cuts off. We can assume he picked up mail off the ground and put it into the boxes. Nothing to see here, move along.