Drop in Postal Employment Slows, Shift Toward Non-Career

Overall employment at the Postal Service has leveled off in recent years after dropping substantially from 2009 to 2012 but within that change there has been a major shift in the makeup of the workforce, an IG report has said.

It said that as of fiscal 2018, total postal employment stood at 634,000, about the same as the 629,000 reached in 2012 after falling from 712,000 in 2009. But of the current total, 137,000 are non-career employees compared with 101,000 in 2012 and just 89,000 in 2009.

The IG said that labor costs, which account for three-fourths of USPS expenses, fell in inflation-adjusted terms by 14 percent during the 10-year period—during which volume fell by 17 percent. It attributed much of the decrease in labor costs to the shift toward non-career employees such as postal support employees, mail handler assistants, city carrier assistants, and assistant rural carriers. They are paid on average about half as much as career employees and whose benefits are inferior, as well.

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There’s still a lot of fat to cut at the top of the wage scale, like whomever is responsible for those idiotic messages sent to our scanners each morning.

yes!! “stay hydrated and cool”….it was 46 degrees when I received this scan message.

All of the stupid little extra nonsensical crap upper management has carriers do just to justify upper management’s job. They want to cut the jobs and pay of the people who actually do work… how about send them to the unemployment line first. Their only skill is to sit on their fat asses all day and make up phony numbers.

yes!! why would a 11 route ALL rural office need a supervisor ??? what work IS there to do after we leave for route?? We are paid salary so when I work my usual 9 hrs and some change….I STILL only get paid 8.25 hrs. And we are def doing MORE then 8 hrs work each and every day.

Maybe Fred Rolando can get us all to work for less than minimum wage if USPS will give him enough money.

Truth hurts. I agree with you Jerry.