Dozens of Lawmakers Call on Biden to Replace Entire USPS Board

A group of 50 Democratic lawmakers is pressuring President Biden to remove all existing members of the U.S. Postal Service’s Board of Governors and replace them with his own nominees.

Such a move would likely allow the board to fire Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, who has faced significant criticism for his reform strategies since taking office last year. All six current board members were appointed by President Trump, though two of them—including Chairman Ron Bloom—are Democrats. Still, the lawmakers said the entire board in its current makeup has failed, citing ongoing mail delays and operational changes in the run up to last year’s election.

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I worked for USPS for 25 years! We need to save the USPS and if that means to clean house at the top, then do it. United States Postal Service, that means we provide a service and congress and President Biden need to do what it takes to keep the service going. There are a lot of older people who totally rely on the United States Postal Service.

Good thoughts, Rodney!

Clean the house

Go Joe, Go. Something needs to be done and starting at the top sounds like a great place to begin.

Get rid of excessive managers! One manager could easily run a small Post Office.

The mail delays aren’t going to get any better with 1/2 of the staff abusing COVID leave.