Don’t Expect the USPS Fleet to Go Electric

The Biden administration wants the federal government vehicle fleet to be all electric vehicles. But the USPS probably won’t do that any time soon.

But the question facing the Biden administration is not whether EVs are a good choice for the USPS. It is whether the USPS is actually going to buy them, and what, if anything, the Biden administration or Congress can do about it after years of making the USPS less like a government agency and more like a private company. 

The USPS is not like most other federal agencies, if you can even call it an agency at all. It’s an “independent establishment” technically under the executive branch. But, after the Postal Department was reconstituted in 1971 under the Postal Reorganization Act, the postmaster general ceased to be a cabinet-level position. Instead, the postmaster general is appointed by the board of governors, who are themselves appointed by the president.

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Should be enough methane produced by management to power every vechile for life.