Donald Trump Claims Postmaster General Wants To ‘Make The Post Office Great Again’

Amid criticism for his attempts to cut funding to the United States Postal Service (USPS), Donald Trump expressed support for Postmaster General Louis DeJoy at a press conference on Saturday, Breitbart reported.

“He’s a fantastic man, he wants to make the Post Office great again,” Trump said.

The real estate mogul said that DeJoy is a “very efficient operator” and pushed back on claims that he is attempting to slow the vote-by-mail process ahead of November’s election. The comment came on the same day that protesters gathered outside DeJoy’s home to protest his alleged attacks on vote-by-mail.

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Trump 2020 let’s Go!!!!!

Work here ..been a disaster last ten yrs least this guy is trying

Last edited 2 years ago by Susan

Ya right. After next week, when Kiljoy testifies, Trump will not know who he is or how he got into that position. I never said ‘ Make the Post Office Great, Again’. I called them A Joke. With love, Don the Con Trump

Trump 2020. Only Trump can make the USPS great again.


The post office is a joke of efficiently. Yes, it does a great job getting mail delivered but spends an unfathomable amount of money doing it. Soooooooooooooo much waste. Like all federal agencies in all fairness. They need 25 Billion $. Most people don’t understand how much money that is. A billion is a thousand million. Imagine a pile of a million dollars. They are short 25,000 piles on a million dollars each!! It’s mind boggling. The new PMG is facing the same swamp as Trump. The entrenched mid and upper management will sabotage any efforts for reform. Amazon should… Read more »