Does the Postal Service Have an Effective Employee Exit Process?

Exit processing refers to procedures followed when an employee separates from the Postal Service. Separations are personnel actions that result in taking the employee off the rolls of the Postal Service. Procedures vary depending on the employee (i.e., staff or contractor) and the reason for the separation.

Separations are generally either voluntary or involuntary. Types of voluntary separations include resignations at the employee’s discretion, to avoid separation for cause, due to an illness, or to perform military service. Involuntary separations include removals, separations-disqualification, termination or separations of non-career employees, separations-disability, reductions in force, death, and ineligibility for reemployment.

Do you think the employee separation process is efficient?

Are there opportunities to enhance the processes and procedures when employees exit the agency?

Do you have knowledge of former Postal Service employees accessing secured facilities or systems after their separation date?

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