Does the postal service answer to anybody?

Has the postal service asked for your thoughts on how it should fix itself?

Huh. Me neither.

The US Postal Service touches more Americans every day than any other government agency, yet it is embarking on a dramatic makeover with little public input and management that seems sure it knows best. Under a new 10-year plan, the USPS will slow the delivery of some first-class mail, raise prices and reduce hours at some post offices. The plan is supposed to address dramatic changes in communication habits and end the agency’s perennial financial losses.

Opposition to some of the reforms was immediate, of course. The postal workers’ union says it will fight any effort to slow mail delivery. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and several other members of Congress criticized the changes, vowing to stop some of them. Rep. Gerry Connolly (D., Va.) called the plan “draconian” and said it would “guarantee the death spiral of the United States Postal Service.”


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I worked for the United States Postal Service for 25 years. The United States Postal Service provides a Service. If need be this service should be subsidized! Many older people totally rely on the United States Postal Service. Postmaster General DeJoy needs to be fired! Rodney M. Pitstick