Disturbing Delivery: Dead baby chickens delivered to feed store owner

A Port Arthur feed store owner said she is upset with a USPS mail carrier after her chicks were left in the back of an unair-conditioned mail car for 4-5 hours.


A Port Arthur feed store owner is frustrated with a USPS Port Arthur mail carrier.

Tina Bean opened Five Star Feed in 2001. Since opening she’s had chicks delivered to the store with no major problems, until last week. She was horrified to discover half of the baby chicks in her order were dead upon delivery.

“When I walked in I barely heard peeping, so I knew we were in trouble,” Bean said.

Bean spent 18 years working at the post office, and 15 as a mail carrier. She said typically, they’d call the customer, and the customer could choose to either have them delivered, or come pick them up. The hatchery ships them priority mail, and are delivered to the store one to two days later, at the most, Bean said.

“We delivered the chicks first thing, because it is a live animal, especially in the summer time because the back of those jeeps get extremely hot,” Bean said.

For years, Bean said the shipments of baby chicks have arrived first thing in the morning. Last Friday, however, they were delivered at 1:30 p.m. The few still living chicks were barely hanging on, according to Bean.

The day the chicks were delivered, it was about 92°, with a heat index of 101°. She said they were left in the back of an unair-conditioned mail car for four or five hours.

“Somebody dropped the ball somewhere, I mean common sense would, should tell you that if you have a live baby animal and it’s 100 plus degrees outside that you don’t leave them in a hot vehicle,” Bean said.

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And that’s why the customer should be aware of the arrival at the post office (informed delivery) and pick them up.

Customer ordered the chicks, priority mail provides tracking, customer knew when the chicks arrived and should’ve picked them up at the delivery unit.

Guess you should have gone to pick them up then honey.

Why did she complain the mail carrier? Shouldn’t she be glad the mail carrier was still alive to deliver the package to her!Is it easy for mail carrier to work in LLV without air conditioning?

I’m a retired city letter carrier. I’m sorry but I agree with none of you. The carrier should have cared enough to make sure she called the owner. That carrier knew they were live chicks. That’s why the post office is going broke. Customer Service is not what it used to be!

Such warmth and understanding for the senseless loss of some of Gods helpless creatures…come on, they usually delivered them first thing in the morning, but the CARRIER left them in a hot mail truck for over 4 hours..he/she knew they were live animal yet he/she showed no concern or heart for those babies..much like most of you..

As for the carrier being in the hot truck too..the carrier could get out..THEY couldn’t! Duh!

How far away did she live from the office? They were mailed Priority not Priority Express so no special trip should have been made. The PO is automatically losing money if we make an extra trip for Priority. Hatcheries and customers try to cut corners in mailing costs and then it’s th PO’s fault?

I think we need to ban live animals being shipped thru the mail. It is dangerous and traumatic to the animal and they should be picked up at customers local farm

Why would she send them 2 day???

Let me take a stab at this, no boss at work. So clerk says not my job to call. Carrier “”not my job either”