Did Postmaster General Louis DeJoy Break The Law? In Surprise Move, Trump Backs Investigation

On Monday, when President Trump was asked during a press conference if he supported an investigation into the claims against DeJoy, he said “sure” and that he would support his removal if he is found to have committed wrongdoing. The President then proceeded to compare the accusations against the Postmaster General to those made against made against Trump himself.

“Yeah if something can be proven that he did something wrong, always,” the President said. “”Always. They’ve been looking at me for four years – they found nothing. Four years, think of it. For four years. From the day I came down the escalator I’ve been under investigation by sleaze. And they found nothing. They found nothing.”

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Even if he was charged and found guilty, Trump would pardon or commute any sentence he might get. He has done it for ALL of his Felon pals.

Ya, right. Trumpie turn against his top fund raising buddy. He probably would as he has stabbed everyone else he has ever dealt with.