Developer balks at USPS CBU mailbox policy

At least one developer of single-family homes in Wilson County does not like the United States Postal Service newly enforced rules about personal mailboxes at new residences or businesses.

The change to the policy, made in April 2018, said that all new residences, businesses and business parks must have a centralized mailbox, similar to what is seen at many apartment complexes.

According to a booklet written by the USPS for developers and builders, “centralized delivery is our preferred method of mail delivery. Centralized delivery equipment improves delivery efficiency and provides space for large mail items, including packages, which is a great benefit for customer. “

It continues, stating that, “freestanding, pedestal-style outdoor centralized mailboxes are called cluster box units or CBUs.  CBUs are ‘package friendly’ because they are designed to accommodate the majority of packages delivered through the U.S. Mail.  CBUs also include parcel lockers, which provide separate, locked storage for many packages.

Local developer Philip Craighead said he’s not a fan of cluster mailboxes for single-family homes.

“I’m a little old-school,” he said. “I feel like each home should have a mailbox by the street. I think that cluster mailboxes are OK for apartments and townhomes, but for (single-family) homes, people get used to mailboxes by the street. Plus, it’s more efficient and better for the elderly people. If there are cluster mailboxes, they will have to get into their car and drive to the other side of the subdivision to get their mail, as opposed to walking to the curb.”


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Absolutely we mail carriers hate this idea also but the higher ups that haven’t got a clue came up with this stupid idea.

Cluster box parcel boxes always loose their keys.They are worthless for parcels.Any carrier could tell idiot management that.We still have to go houses for parcels.And boxes of dog food from Amazon do not fit anyway.And most customers hate there cluster mailboxes.Post office has worst management.

Idiotic idea that does nothing more than serve to eliminate time for carriers and ultimately routes in the end…do they not know that we cannot get replacement keys for parcel lockers that are already in place? What if it were your grandma/grandpa that had to go across the neighborhood just to get their water bill? Completely stupid.

Cluster boxes are terrible idea for single family homes! Carriers hate them. This is terrible customer service for homeowner.
CBUs only have 2 parcel boxes per 20-25 homes. I have more than 2 parcels for each of my CBUs on a daily basis….how do I determine which pkgs get delivered, notified, or taken to door without upsetting customers??? Sooo many things wrong with this policy. Why can’t we just deliver mail door-to-door and provide a level of service that the customer deserves?!?

I have 7 locations with these piece of crap cbus. They suck! They are outside in the elements, they have linited parcel space regardless of what they say,and the customers are always breaking the keys off in the parcel lockers. And with all the packages Amazon has us deliver, we go house to house anyway- and don’t get paid for it. The reason why they’re pushing them is because RURAL CARRIERS GET 1/2 PAY FOR FOR THESE CBUS. For every 1 house in that cbu we get 1/2 of curbside rate. Which is BS because they are a pain in… Read more »

It is an ill-thought out decision from higher-up. If service as our customers rightly deserve doesn’t return fast, we will have no service to give. Numbers are not the final be-all and end-all of the Postal Service. Never have been and never will be.

Another way to cut workers at the expense of the customers. Complain to your reps you don’t want cluster boxes in your neighborhood. It brings property values down and once you have it you can never change it back to your home. Also it can be a make or break when selling your property

Those boxes are awful, dangerous in remote areas, and the postal workers still can’t get the box right. I walked up and down my street to deliver the mail to correct home owner and couldn’t find address. I dropped it in the box hoping they will redeliver. Poor excuse to inconvenience homeowners. I go to post office to send my mail out. Someone lacks common sense.

Which cluster unit is mine? I was told I have # 13. I see 3 #13″s and I haven’t started drinking yet.

This idea is for one reason..To save the Post Office money..has nothing to do with the customer and what they might want to do. It’s about money..Carriers get paid less to service CBUs as opposed to curbside…