Despite DeJoy’s vows to halt changes, serious problems persist, postal workers say

In Chicago, postal employees say backlogged mail is stacked so high in some facilities that workers barely have space to walk by. In Albuquerque, New Mexico, mail handlers tell NBC News first class and priority mail is still running several days a week behind schedule on average.

And in Tacoma, Washington, multiple postal workers said new mandates mean many mail trucks per week are being ordered to set out on their routes five minutes early — often entirely empty.

One week after Postmaster General Louis DeJoy announced he was temporarily suspending changes to the United States Postal Service, NBC News spoke with eight postal union representatives from throughout the nation, all of whom expressed concerns and provided examples of ongoing delays in mail delivery. They said the recent removal of hundreds of postal sorting machines and rigid new operational directives for mail trucks and carriers have exacerbated the slowdown.

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Someone needs to send Dejoy an accident.

Did you get fired from PO

Might help if they had productive employees that are under 80 and that can actually do the job. They are just seizing the opportunity to blame their laziness and lack of productive on DeJoy. Over paid with to many benefits and still complaining

Another example of someone on the outside looking in that doesn’t know what they are talking about.

U must b a republican this idiot was put there by stupid Trump just for that reason to slow mail do I have any people that get their medical supplies by mail what if they die cause off this dumb a*s S**t Trump is pulling Richard

Sorry you a DEMOCRAT aren’t you? If not, you will be one day.
We praying for you and BLM because you all on losing team.

Your name is the long form of what you are… A Dick!

Why is Amazon being given expedited treatment while core postal products sit on the loading docks??

why are we not raising prices substantially on parcels and junk mail if we lose so much money on it ..keep a stamp at 55 raise prices on-parcels bulk junk mail if they want to send it to people makes no sense to keep doing it if it’s not profitable’s not gonna go away cause we raise the price who else can deliver it no one ! same with amazon and all the shit ups/fedx dump on the post office raise prices it’s still gonna come they can’t handle it ! same with amazon they can’t survive without USPS… Read more »

They need to have a early out . The people that are eligible to retire should not get offer since they can retire now and it wouldn’t then be a early out. Early out should only be for employees that would actually be leaving early.


Postal workers safety comes first and foremost delays in mail can be caused by coronavirus fires storm damage in riots no matter what management deals us USPS postal workers get the job done. USPS is in the process of hiring interested apply for a job

It doesn’t seem that the President or the Republicans realize that by not doing anything to help the postal system they are hurting themselves. There are so many Republicans who depend on mailin/absentee ballots that they are hurting. In the end there will be a lot of votes for them that won’t be counted and in some states may cause them to lose the election.

I have been waiting on mail for months, they are finally being delivered slowly!! Got my mail on Sunday 4 times this year!! Something has to change!! Get rid of DeJoy!! He doesn’t know what he is doing!!

The white devil in the white house now will steel the election the same way they stole the country