Despite Calls for His Resignation, New USPS Leader Pledges More Sweeping Changes

While some employees and lawmakers are sounding alarms over Postal Service reforms, stakeholders are taking a wait-and-see approach.

The U.S. Postal Service is continuing to implement sweeping changes to its operations in the face of backlash from unions, employees and lawmakers, some of whom have called on the new agency head to resign.

USPS announced a reorganization and corresponding executive shakeups on Friday, sparking immediate pushback from members of Congress who expressed concern that new Postmaster General Louis Dejoy was consolidating power within the organization. The restructuring follows several moves DeJoy has implemented to alter mail processing and delivery, which the Postal Service has said could cause some delays. DeJoy defended his actions as being in the best interest of the mailing agency as it seeks to put itself on firmer financial footing after more than a decade of sustained losses.

The Postal Service will now divide its work into three business operating units: retail and delivery operations, logistics and processing operations, and commerce and business solutions. They will be led by Kristin Seaver, David Williams and Jakki Krage Strako, respectively, all of whom are long-time postal officials. As part of the shakeup, USPS moved nearly two-dozen executives.

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I work in a processing center and have seen considerable amounts of delayed Express Mail due to King Louis demanding there will be no extra trips. So if the airlines transporting Express Mail are not in prior to the scheduled dispatch time. That VERY EXPENSIVE mail is not getting the one day service that was supposedly guaranteed. I was told that the mailers cannot get a refund if delay is due to the airlines. As a long time employee I find this distressing as customer service was once a priority and with King Louis it is not a factor anymore.

Very well spoken, Maureen. God help us all!

This is one of Trumps cronies and he is doing everything Trump hoped he would do. This postal dictator puppet of Trump’s must be removed and fast. We are guaranteed under our constitution to have an awesome sustainable United Stated Postal Service that we the American people are use to for years and years to come. I am doing everything possible to support our postal service. Signing every petition on email,social media,and fowarding to everyone one In supporting our post office. The post office is also everyone’s favorite agency of both parties brining the American people together for 245 years.… Read more »

Worked for several years at the Post Office. I am a very dedicated ex-employee and continue to purchase stamps and use the postal system. Just wish more people would consider helping the post office by just using more pay by check and mailing. All efforts are important for the survival for a very important part of our lives.

As a postal carrier every time some new know it all comes in and says thing are going to change for the better we are the better all this people come and go

King Louis cutting out overtime has led to me losing my side job for a 500.00 a week loss so I’m not impressed by him and it’s not right the hardworking people of the post office don’t get that extra pay for delivering very heavy packages of which some are lawnmowers in the box and heavy shop equipment not to mention unfair to the customers who have late mail some of which is medicine I know because I’ve delivered that

You should know going into the job that USPS has a weight limit of 75lbs. If you can handle that ,great, if not, leave a notice so they can make other arrangements.

70 pounds is the weight limit. Size limit is 108 inches length and girth combined. Only Amazon parcel select has a size limit of 130 inches length and girth combined.

I’m not for or against but we have to give the new leader time to see if it’s good or bad when I started 27 years ago I was told to only depend on regular time and that overtime was not a promise.the post office was in a downward spiral long before he got here something has to change and holding trucks at loading docks for twenty lettters in wrong the expresses that don’t make trucks should be handled by van.think of all the rural carriers out there working and only get a set salary the post office is making… Read more »

I’ve worked for the post office for 28 yrs. I have definitely seen a delay in mail. I had one tray of ballots that were all postmarked a day late due to mail sitting at the plant. He needs to go after the junk mail co and amazon and make them pay more, not mess with our common folk!

I retired 4 years ago after working almost 30 years for the Post Office. Let’s face it people, this whole thing with the new postmaster is a President Trump move to ruin the Post Office. He knows we have the largest Union in the nation, something the republicans hate, and he also hates Jeff Bezos from Amazon. We also know he wants to limit mail-in ballots so he thinks he has a better chance of winning the election. I truly hope this idiot loses for the sake of the country AND THE P.O. All us Union brothers and sisters must… Read more »

Well put !

Dejoy aims to sabotage the post office first by destroying its brand – make the whole system unreliable. Then he’ll dump Amazon and UPS. There’s nothing left after that. Privatization is his ultimate goal.

These people have tens of millions of dollars invested in our competition i.e. UPS and Fed X ,these people want it all ,greed is what motivates them they never have enough and will stomp on everybody to get it ,they will destroy families and jobs with absolutely no regard to how peoples lives will be affected ,shame on them ,shame on their greed !0

Kiljoy and Don the Con have one mission in mind. Undermine the postal service and to start the privatize process. Next, to disrupt the mail in ballots for the election. Neither have any interest n improving the USPS but to get all of their cronies, in place, to start the undermining process.

I have an uncle that worked at the post office but quit because of the way they work. They carry one envelope or package at a time and walk twenty feet to put it in a different place. It literally takes them 1 minute to separate 1 envelope. It takes two people to throw a 3 pound bag of trash. If you are a good hard worker, they will actually tell you to stop doing a good job because you are making everyone else look bad. If you don’t believe me, go to the post office and watch them. You… Read more »

Antonio your uncle told a few stories that are a little far fetched ‘people quiet and bad mouth the company after words’ I worked over 39yrs I seen all sides.some times a employee gets up set because everyone is not like them. They quit can’t find work with the same pay and benefits and want to come back.You need come and watch before make a statement like this. I am sorry your uncle worked so hard that it made everyone look bad so he quit.(A WINNER NEVER QUIT)

How dare you put this out there and it is totally false we are over worked and under paid let’s see you do this job

Having spent much of my adult life working as a city carrier I can say that the job is not easy, glorified, or one not everyone has the attitude to handle. But, for making a living comfortably and being able to retire with a pension (how many corporations still have a pension plan???) you many times have to put up with a lot of crap from management BUT all in all the job of working at the P.O. has many rewards far outweighing many “civilian jobs” not to mention the FULL protection of one of the biggest and best unions… Read more »

postmaster general is APPOINTED by postal board of governors(9), appointed by POTUS on advice of congress, owes no allegiance to the president. Make no mistake, the post office success is due to the men & women on the floor & the carriers in the street!
I’ve 36 yes, mail handler(15), clerk(11), floor supv(10). Continue doing fabulous job, the USPS isn’t going anywhere!

very grateful for what the post office employees do. But I feel the organization thinks it can continue to run with exorbitant cost and have the public fund it. Changes and shakeups are needed to correct the heavy bureaucracy and bring labor cost into line. Hard decisions to make and except but in this day and age a necessity.

The only people in charge of making changes to increase revenue dollars are the Board of Governors. The Postal unions have offered several business models that would make a difference, but have never been allowed to implement changes. The USPS was never intended to be a for profit business, and would not have a problem being self sufficient if they were allowed to make changes to their business model. Not to mention an act of Congress that has unfairly mandated them to fund retiree health benefits for 50 years out, in other words unborn employees of the future. No other… Read more »

The problem is Bill’s and important pieces of mail and small packages are not being delivered sometimes more than week late. Unacceptable.

A lot of people are commenting on here that have no idea how the post office works or treats their employees. They’ve been crying broke for so long with the same people up top and unwilling to make changes. I work for the post office I welcome change let’s see if he can fix us before all of us USPS employees are out of a job because we keep going further and further down that hole we’ve been going into

I worked for 21 years for the postal service, mail processing clerk, custodian and maintenance support clerk. I can go along with some of PMG’s thinking; like the waste of money on way to many supervisors and overtime waste. Plus the money lost in bulk mailings, Changes do need made for the post office to survive, give the man a chance and then take it from there.

These are hard decisions to be made but I and many others think King Louie is the Knight in Shining Armor, again Mr. DeJoy Thank You stepping up to the challenge of making our Postal Service and its hard working employees great again!

This man needs to go. He is no patriot of the U.S. The USPS is under the protection of our constitution.

Trump Train 2020 USA

Some of you postal people are ridiculous I’m there over 30 years as some of you are and you’ve seen it is a sinking ship for the last 10 years okay get real give this guy a chance you got to start somewhere over time is through the roof and express mail have been delayed well before he came along