Deputies find 580 pieces of stolen mail, handmade postmaster keys during traffic stop

SAN ANTONIO – Two women are behind bars accused of stealing hundreds of pieces of mail from a San Antonio apartment complex using handmade thieves tools.

The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook that Rebecca Kosakowski, 34, and Lenora Salas, 20, were arrested on July 27 during a traffic stop in West Bexar County.

After pulling the women over for a traffic violation, deputies discovered narcotics paraphernalia in the vehicle that prompted a thorough search of the car, where they found 580 pieces of mail. Investigators found that the mail came from a nearby apartment complex. Deputies also found Salas had a handmade postmaster key around her neck, while another key was found in the vehicle’s venter console.


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Waiting for Postal Police Union President Frank Albergo to contact the press to explain how his crack force of 450 police officers (nation wide) could have stopped this type of postal crime if only they would be released by the USPS to go out and do their jobs off USPS property! Postal Police Union President Frank Albergo likes to spin this fairy tale ever chance he gets so his postal police can get 20 year law enforcement retirement in a proposed congressional bill, this can only happen if the postal police can actual show they do real law enforcement. Like… Read more »

whenever they release stats its from other agencies… usually they “cooperate” with agencies who do the actual work