DeKalb mail carrier’s detective work helps police nab ID fraud suspect

The city of Dunwoody honored mail carrier Kevin Addison (center) after he aided police in catching an identify fraud suspect. Photo: The City of Dunwoody

For 15 years, Kevin Addison has delivered mail to residents on Wynterhall Lane in Dunwoody.

In that time, he’d gotten to know his customer’s routines. So, when a few of his residents placed holds on their mail, it struck him as odd.

Addison’s suspicions ultimately helped Dunwoody police nab an identity theft suspect.

On Monday, the city of Dunwoody honored Addison for his crime-fighting efforts.

Addison noticed the unusual number of mail holds during the holiday season. Mail hold requests are typically made by people who are going out of town for an extended amount of time.

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