DeJoy’s latest USPS restructuring plan could increase bureaucracy and slow delivery, experts warn

The U.S. Postal Service‘s controversial new restructuring plan includes a revamp of the way the agency functions both operationally and geographically — worrying some experts that the nation’s mail service could be split into bureaucratic silos and further slow mail delivery.
The Postal Service has three main operational units: retail and delivery, responsible for post offices and letter carrying; logistics, which transports mail across the country; and mail processing, which sorts the items. Those departments previously were more integrated, sharing reporting structures and strategies.
Under the new plan, according to documents obtained by The Washington Post, each of those categories will receive a redrawn map of the agency’s new 50 mailing districts, tracts of Zip codes for which local post offices are responsible. That’s down from 67 districts previously. But not all of the geographic divisions align among the new maps distributed to the operations departments, which has led to worries among postal experts and mailing industry officials of a new level of red tape.

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I promised Donnie I would destroy the USPS and I shall. .

It’s laughable that these so called experts, who have run the post office billions in to the ground, criticize any changes the PMG wants to do in an attempt to fix the most disfunctional federal bureaucracy!

These middle and upper postal managers will fight tooth and nail to maintain their gravy train do nothing jobs and are going to impede the PMG every step of the way

Please get rid of useless supervisors sitting around all day doing nothing!