DeJoy’s Donations to GOP Convention May Align With Wife’s Ambassador Nomination

Filed last Friday, the Charlotte Host Committee’s report lists four contributions from DeJoy between late December 2018 and March 31 of this year, which amount to a total $685,230.

DeJoy’s penultimate donation of $250,000 came Feb. 19, 2020, or the same day he made the $210,600 donation to Trump Victory, the joint fundraising vehicle shared between the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee. Six days later, Trump nominated Wos to be an ambassador.

The donations align with a series of major donations made by DeJoy to the Trump campaign and Senate Republicans leading up to his wife’s nomination as ambassador, a Salon investigation revealed. Senate Democrats announced last month that they were opening an investigation into the donations. Wos’ Senate confirmation remains pending.


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No one from the is shocked about this. Money buys favors, typical politics as usual…. Sad!

Get all the buddies you can in place, Don the Con. Your days are numbered until your orange a#s will be voted out!