March 23, 2023
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Sean Wolfe
1 year ago

Those states are terrified at anything that interferes with their latest election cheating tactics…. Eg mail ballot fraud which is essentially untraceable.

Democratic party can no longer win on their own performance merits so they have to continually resort to cheating. Previously it was using illegals to vote now it’s mailing ballot fraud

Carl Smithereen
1 year ago

I could go with “Mail in Ballots” if… The carrier of the route that collects them can vouch for the Validity. Each route has a name and address, just like when a carrier looks at the name on the recipient, they know if a name doesnt look right. Honestly, I believe you should be verified and walk into a location and vote, with unbiased persons to staff it.. think of the Untouchables, Elliot Ness etc.. who would love to have a drink, but did not, because they swore not to. When we did mail in, our clerk had to grab… Read more »