DeJoy Struggles With Basic Postal Questions Even as He Defends Reforms That Caused Delays

Embattled Postmaster General Louis DeJoy on Monday promised to reverse the significant mail delays that have mired his brief tenure, though he declined to disclose specifics underlying his decision making, said many of the issues at the Postal Service are beyond his control and at times demonstrated a lack of basic understanding of postal operations.

DeJoy defended his decision to ensure all facets of postal delivery operate on a set schedule, even as the associated changes have led to significant delays. He conceded during a six-hour hearing before the House Oversight and Reform Committee the problems were worse than expected, have lasted longer than anticipated and he did not fully grasp why they were happening. DeJoy repeatedly said many lawmaker complaints were outside his control or stemmed from initiatives before he took office, at one point calling it “outrageous” the buck would stop with him on decisions to remove equipment at the local level. He did, however, take responsibility for his specific reform efforts that have caused an increase in delays.


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