DeJoy Says Postal Workers Could Abuse Election Overtime Order

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy told a judge that a court order directing the U.S. Postal Service to reinstate overtime to ensure speedy delivery of mail-in ballots for the Nov. 3 election could be abused by workers.

In a filing over the weekend, lawyers for DeJoy, the USPS and President Donald Trump asked U.S. District Judge Victor Marrero in Manhattan to amend his Sept. 21 injunction to give the agency more discretion in approving overtime. The order currently requires the USPS to automatically grant overtime for the 10 days surrounding the election.

The USPS, DeJoy and Trump said in their Saturday filing that the court’s order “could be construed in ways that require the approval of overtime unrelated to election mail, impose impracticable administrative and financial burdens on the Postal Service, and create confusion amongst its employees and managers.”

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Abuse my a#s. Come to our place and see all the f’n mail setting all over the place you a#shole Dejoy.

As long as I am asked for my full name I will not post anything on this or any other site because retaliation would and will be coming.
A disgruntled postal worker.

We are working 12 hrs a day anyways because we are working for Amazon not the Post Office.

How will this cause more overtime?

The place is already completely mismanaged with incompetent managers.

De Joy is a joke, who’s f$cking side is that fool on anyways.

Exactly! Well said

We will abuse the overtime? REALLY? What about the abuse we’re dealing with WORKING OVERTIME and not getting paid for it with all these packages!!??