DeJoy Outlines Drastic USPS Network Overhaul

U.S. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy outlined plans to streamline facilities and delivery networks to make them more efficient by significantly reducing the number of processing plants and delivery units, eliminating redundancies in an effort to improve performance.

DeJoy, in outlining the steps during a recent presentation before the National Postal Forum in Phoenix, said the U.S. Postal Service networks as currently constituted are unnecessarily complicated and rely on out-of-date equipment and facilities.

While the changes will take years to accomplish, they will provide “immediate systemwide benefits,” DeJoy said, adding, “We simply just cannot do this fast enough.”

“Our new strategy will logically sequence the workflow between facilities, and standardize operations within facilities,” DeJoy said in his keynote presentation. “This will provide precise, efficient, repeatable, and measurable operations.”

DeJoy said the USPS plans to close multiple annexes “that add cost, transportation, and foster inefficient and ad-hoc operations.”

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He need to drop dead stop running us like a business we are a wonderful service I’m a proud mail handler for 28years transfer from bklyn to Columbia 21years and I wished 46,vote his ass off the island in peru

I retired in 2006 after a 42 year(!) career. Elated that I was a letter carrier when the Post Office was A REAL OUTFIT. Now ? The pg(lower case intended) is A REAL JACKASS!

So, Louis DeJoy, who try to rob President Biden of his Presidency is now sabotaging our great US Postal Service, and who’s a disgrace, it’s time to oust this Trump-loving mole. America deserves better.


When are we going to replace this gut?

I have worked for the post office for a year and a half as an electronic technician I like the job for the most part. Dejoy is correct the post office desperately needs new facilities the Kansas City MO Plant is very outdated and inefficient. A one floor facility closer to the airport or maybe in Riverside would make much more sense. also the area that the current plant is in is very dangerous and I don’t feel comfortable driving to that part of town. I think they could retain better workers if they relocated to a nicer area.

I’m sorry but hiring 1,000 more supervisor thugs isn’t going to fix the post office. The Post Office is labor intense and antiquated. Young people are not willing to be a slave for 40k a year!