DeJoy on the 2020 election: USPS faced unprecedented challenges

The U.S. Postal Service has released an updated 2020 Post-Election Analysis that outlined the steps the agency took to deliver a record 136 million ballots and Election Mailpieces during the 2020 General Election and the two run-off elections for the United States Senate in Georgia.
“Throughout the 2020 election, the Postal Service faced unprecedented challenges, but the commitment of our 644,000 men and women to deliver the nation’s ballots never wavered even in the face of the pandemic,” said Postmaster General Louis DeJoy.
“We take great pride in the Postal Service’s performance which is thanks to our hard-working employees who went to extraordinary lengths to fulfill our public service mission, meet the public’s high expectations and uphold the Postal Service’s promise to deliver the nation’s Election Mail securely and in a timely manner.”

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That’s right, Louie. It’s the workers which get the job done. Not you or your mis-manangement gang.

Except he’s a liar, because he put everyone in management on notice to fudge the numbers. The only people you can trust at the Post Office are the mailmen. They have union protection and don’t earn bonuses based on BS numbers. Do the research and ignore the bullshit.

There are still trailers and warehouses full of mail from early December so it’s not done yet members of my family are still getting first class mail post marked first week of December come on people stop amazon delivery and catch up your own mail packages