DeJoy Has a Plan for the USPS, and the Election Got In the Way

Most Americans didn’t get their first look at DeJoy until late August during his appearances before Senate and House committees. As much as he tried to be polite, he often came across like someone who’s rarely had to explain himself and was offended by the very idea of being interrogated by people who’d never run a business. Asked by one congressman why he didn’t just leave all the sorting machines in place until after the election, DeJoy replied, “In Washington it makes plenty of sense. To me it makes none.”

DeJoy tried to portray what he’d done in his short stint at the USPS positively, saying on-time trucking dispatching had risen from 89.4% to 97%, which he predicted would lead to annual savings of $1 billion. Democrats, on the other hand, produced internal USPS documents showing that since DeJoy had taken over, on-time delivery of all classes of mail had plummeted, in some cases by 7% or 8%. DeJoy said he had a mitigation strategy, but it wasn’t working as quickly as he’d expected. “I’m trying to figure that out,” he said.

At any rate, the postmaster general told the House oversight committee, he couldn’t be blamed for everything that went wrong at the USPS. “I’m not the COO,” he said. “I’m the CEO of the organization.” Republicans were understanding, but Democrats proclaimed astonishment.

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Entrenched federal union employees and swamp dwelling management will never let anyone bring efficiently to the post office. The usps is the biggest swamp in the nation.

DeJoy should ignore Congress, as he doesn’t answer to them, as should the President and fix the majorly dysfunctional inefficient and wasteful organization.

Sounds like your another Trump lover. USPS is hiring. Goto work at a plant where you can work 6 days a week, 12 hours a days, for months on end. Enjoy the 6.2% extra you’ll be bringing home just to pay back 12% after 1st of year. Dejoy wants Medicare integration and pension reform. He’s such a sweetheart.