Data shows mail often arrives late in Richmond area

Rachel Westfall, who lives in Richmond’s Jackson Ward neighborhood, says her mail service has always been hit or miss. But since April, there have been a lot more misses.

“My personal property tax check apparently never made it to City Hall, even though I mailed it at the beginning of April, two months before the due date,” Westfall said.

Her complaint is a common one in the Richmond area, which has some of the worst mail delivery in the country, according to data from the U.S. Postal Service. Last spring, less than 84% of the region’s first-class mail was delivered on time. Only two service areas in the U.S. had a worse on-time delivery rate.

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A sorry MDO from our plant transferred up there….she was sorry as hell here….zero management skills… always laying out and of course, like most management, had an FMLA case number.

Doesn’t surprise me she’s in upper management at one of the worst plants in the nation.