Damaged sorting machines are root of mail delay in Houston, USPS says

Letter-size mail is being sorted at facilities in other Texas cities and being shipped back to Houston for delivery.

The patch-work system is now creating three- to four-day delays in letter-size mail delivery in Houston and surrounding ZIP codes, from Bryan to Beaumont.

Packages and so-called “flats” are said to be running on time.

It’s unclear how long the delay will last, according to American Postal Workers Union, Houston President Al Davison.

Here is the response from USPS:

“Most mail processing activity has resumed at the North Houston processing facility, which sustained damage on Sept. 19. Mail is being delivered every day, with only six (6) Post Offices, out of a total of 325, currently unable to operate. We are serving every ZIP Code in the Houston District, which range from 770-778.

“More than 2,100 dedicated postal employees are working around-the-clock at the Houston plant, in an effort to restore full service as soon as possible. We are redirecting some mail within our network, and working with our mailers, to ensure all mail and packages are processed and delivered as quickly as possible.”

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