Crews respond after mail carrier’s truck catches fire in Surfside Beach area

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – No injuries were reported after a postal van caught fire Tuesday afternoon in Horry County.

According to Horry County Fire Battalion Chief John Fowler, firefighters were dispatched at 2:20 p.m. to the 400 block of Battey Drive, which is off Holmestown Road in the Surfside Beach area, after calls came in of a mail carrier on fire.

Fowler said the vehicle fire was quickly extinguished and investigators have not yet determined the cause of the blaze.


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I’m hoping for one of these per day. Then maybe the company that preaches safety will get carriers something that’s not a death trap to drive around.

got rebuilds ready to roll..

Joe, why ruin my illusion lol

Sierra Cullen

Another one !! Smh!

What number is this?

Wouldn’t this be 3 in 1 week?

I meant for the year.

Nana, yes three this week.

Mary Taylor Fuqua It’s too late in the day….I cant count that high!

Just keeps getting worse. 27 this year is it? They may need to push up that 2026 date for new vehicles, at this rate they’ll all be burned up way before then.


Well their newest half a** fix is to take them from the vacant routes and change those routes back to pov’s. Just happened in our office when one of our carriers retired ?. Instead of making a purchase contract with jeep they are placing the burden back on carriers.

That’s how I got my LLV 3.5 yrs ago. A carrier retired & I was overburdened with constant huge pkgs. I got cut to 43k … AND the LLV!

I was going to change routes because hers was smaller and had an llv and a sub but they took the llv and the sub quit because she didn’t have a car or $ to get one being a single mom. So our office is down to 1 we only had 2 of the 4 routes with llv’s

This doesn’t sound good. Three of our regulars will retire within months of each other in about three years or so. If they did this at our office, I wouldn’t have any chance of going regular. I can’t afford to buy a vehicle for use just at work.

That one looks like a FFV.

It was! Happened at my office!

Not again !! Why don’t we just have a bonfire ? and burn them all before one of us get hurt or killed !

They have got to be running low on extra llvs.

Just going to call this ‘Mail Fail’.

All kidding aside though, I hope everyone is alright (I didn’t read the story), and there are future improvements to prevent this issue.

Okay call me noob but whats a FFV

Final Fantasy V noob

Flexible Fuel Vehicle, the last failure of a replacement for the LLV….. the only improvement was a V6 for more power (needed for running E85 ethanol) and the blind side window. Failures? Handbrake on the floor tunnel blocks the floor and doesn’t allow access under the mail tray, long front end limits close manuevers.

Thank you

waiting on a death?

They are going to wait till all of the LLV’s burn up then get new ones. ?

What causes them to catch fire? Is there a common factor to these fires? How much warning does the carrier have? This should be addressed at a safety meeting.