COVID-19 Vaccine Availability – Postal Service Employees in Future Distribution Phase

The CDC has recommended that all Postal Service employees be included in the next round of distributions, or “Phase 1b.”This phase will also include frontline essential workers such as firefighters, police officers, grocery store workers, public transit workers and others. Although we do not have specific dates when Phase 1b will be implemented, we urge you to periodically review your local public health service website for any updates.

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If the USPS was really concerned about us, thhey would scchedule to have the shots given to us during the period AT OUR FACILITY. It is impossible to get the vaccine scheduled in our area for anyone.

Have the CDC directly ship the vaccine to a provider or pharmacy who is willing to come to the facility and administer the doses and schedule us for the second shot at that time.

That’s what we’re saying. There is a office used for nursing in most plants

how are grocery store workers more essential than mail carriers or window clerks, I don’t get it.

I deliver and pick up (contaminated packages) covid tests from people’s front doorsteps almost every day. Ohio still has no time on when we, USPS, UPS, FEDEX, will get the vaccine. But yet many retired teachers I know who are my age… under 60… have gotten it because they WERE teachers. One lady on my route said she got it because she was “fat and pregnant” but actually what she meant is she is wealthy. People who work for Big Healthcare systems are getting it, a few of them that I know that are WORKING FROM HOME have gotten it.… Read more »

We were told that when offered, we would have to get the shot on our own time and make our own arrangements. Being that I’m the Only one wearing a mask in our facility, No one really seems to care.