Court Rules Postal Service’s Largest-Ever Stamp Price Increase Is Illegal

A federal court dealt a major blow to the U.S. Postal Service on Friday, ruling that the mailing agency’s five-cent price increase for stamps that went into effect earlier this year is illegal.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit sided with Doug Carlson, a private citizen, who filed his petition against the Postal Regulatory Commission, an oversight body that approves all proposed USPS rate hikes. The court said PRC failed to consider all factors related to the increase, thereby violating the Administrative Procedures Act.

The immediate fallout of the decision was not immediately clear, as the Postal Service said it is “considering our legal options.” By the court’s own admission, an “invalid rate increase can result in overpayment to the Postal Service without any means of recovery.” USPS was forced to quickly slash the price of stamps as recently as 2016, when PRC and an appeals court ruled the mailing agency had to rollback the emergency rate increase it imposed in response to the recession.


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USPS should be required to immediately refund overpayments to its customers! Stamp prices should be rolled back to their previous rate immediately as well.

Come to the post office and get your nickel, then the IRS will need to tax you on it.

Let’s do what Trump would do, appeal it until the price is 60 cent a stamp. Let’s use his tactics to make this disappear.

So it’s ok for the gas to go up 20-50 cents a gallon over night but 5 cents is too much. What a bunch of cry babies. If it is too much for you don’t use the post office I’m sure Fed ex or UPS will send your letters for 20 to 65 dollars

5cents is nothing and this shouldnt be a fight at all. People use thier debit card to pay bills with a 5$ charge added. Other stores add 30cents for the charge. Then also some banks charge you 3$ depending on where you use your card. So all crying over .5cents get over yourselfes

Maggie Brennan’s not sweating this court decision out…. she’s got an open line of credit with the US Treasury…so she can continue losing 10 billion a year.

Absolutely ridiculous. One man is able to keep the entire Postal Service from raising their rates enough to barely cover operational costs. That court has managed to hurt hundreds of thousands of people.

God bless the courageous private citizen with the law on his side.