Couple leads petition against Lynden Post Office mural

LYNDEN ­— International Saints and Abolitionists, an organization that aims to eradicate sex trafficking, has started a petition to change the mural on display in the Lynden Post Office.

The mural, titled “Three Ages of Phoebe Goodell Judson,” was painted in 1942 by Mordi Gassner as part of a New Deal program for artists, and is his artistic depiction of the life of “Mother of Lynden” Judson.

Also featured in the painting is a topless Native American woman. Joshua and Dana Parriera, co-founder of their group, say the mural is inappropriate to have on display in a federal building.

“The reason we believe the mural is inappropriate is because of the nudity, first and foremost,” Joshua said. “This poor Indian lady, the only one that’s naked, is the only one that’s working. It’s incredible to me that this nice and cute conservative town allows this.”

Joshua and Dana say they spent four months in communication with the U.S. Post Office and the City of Lynden before launching their petition two weeks ago.

“We were hoping we wouldn’t have to actually do a petition, but since they were denying our request, it forced us to move forward with the petition and try and get the people to speak up about what it is we’re trying to accomplish,” Joshua said.

They said the mural is an example of pornography in a public setting where families and children are present.

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As a Native American woman from the Pacific Northwest and a member of my Tribe’s Cultural Dept. I can say that Indians in the PNW wore very little clothing. Woman wore a short skirt made of cedar bark and when it rained a cape. So the Indian woman’s lack of attire is culturally appropriate.

International Saints and Abolitionists is trying to say this artwork is somehow pornographic….. heaven forbid they ever visit the Sistine Chapel