Corporate Abuse of The U.S. Postal Service Threatens Family Businesses

All over the country, families are beginning preparations for the holiday season. Many who run their own shops or depend heavily on small businesses will make shipping arrangements for a variety goods, gifts, marketing items and other important materials and resources all throughout their communities.

Unfortunately, for many American consumers and business owners, it will cost more than it ever has to use the United States Postal Service (USPS) because of unfair deals that the USPS strikes with large shipping partners like Amazon. These deals lock in below-market rates for certain companies, making them immune to peak season rate hikes, like the one we are currently experiencing during this holiday season.

Every year, the Post Office negotiates these lucrative deals with large companies—giving minimal consideration to family businesses—to subsidize their high number of deliveries. This happens ever year but little, if anything, is revealed to the public.


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