Coral Springs mail carrier busted stealing cash and gift cards

(WSVN) – She was the friendly mail carrier that everyone in the neighborhood loved, but behind her smile was a secret that could send her to federal prison. The Nightteam’s Brian Entin investigates.

Brian Entin: “Ms. Coleman, I’m Brian Entin from 7News. Why were you stealing people’s mail?”

Coleen Coleman sure did look surprised to see us.

Brian Entin: “Do you feel bad? Those folks trusted you.”

For years, Coleman was the mail carrier in the Carriage Pointe Estates neighborhood in Coral Springs.

On her public Facebook page, she posted a picture in uniform.

Mike McEntee, neighbor: “I trusted her. I thought she was a nice lady, but she, she just … she was a con.”

Last year, neighbors noticed some of their mail was missing.


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She’s on the fast track to management!

Does it seem just and fair that, if I assault a USPS worker I can go to prison for 25 years but if THEY steal from US they get a slap on the wrist?

The system is rigged for “JustUS”….