Cops seek murder charges against missing teacher’s estranged postal worker husband

Police discovered “charred and unrecognizable” human remains believed to be those of a missing teacher inside a Staten Island storage facility Thursday, police sources said.

Now cops are eyeing murder charges against her estranged husband.

“With the discovery of these human remains, the investigation has taken a turn into a murder investigation,” NYPD Assistant Chief William Aubry said during a press conference at Police Headquarters.

“We’re working with the Staten Island DA to establish probable cause and justification to charge him with murder.”

Michael Cammarata, 42, was arrested Wednesday on assault, stalking and harassment charges for allegedly attacking his diminutive wife, Jeanine, 37 — who has been missing since Saturday — but has not yet been charged in her disappearance.

Investigators spoke with Michael Cammarata’s girlfriend Wednesday night, and by Thursday morning they had cracked open a storage unit inside the Extra Space Storage on Arden Avenue in Arden Heights, police sources said.

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