Congressman Sires Statement on the Importance of the United States Postal Service

(Washington D.C.) – Today, Congressman Albio Sires released the following statement in response to the President’s continued attacks on the United States Postal Service (USPS):

“Since the Postal Service Act of 1792, mail delivery has been a major program of the federal government, delivering mail conveniently at a low cost to millions across the country while simultaneously developing a complex infrastructure system to reach all parts of our great nation. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Postal Service and its employees have worked tirelessly, in the face of a public health emergency, to continue its essential operations and help deliver the goods and services people rely upon through the mail. The President’s continued calls to privatize the Postal Service are reckless and would undermine an essential service that so many Americans rely upon. The convenient, low-cost services that the USPS provides would be eliminated, and millions of Americans who rely on it would be stranded. If the President is so concerned with the performance of the Postal Service, he should not have blocked the $25 billion in funding for the Postal Service that was allocated in the CARES Act in March. The President’s continued assaults on the United States Postal Service are nothing short of an attempt to undermine confidence and cast doubt ahead of the November election. During these times we should be supporting our Postal Service, not attacking it.”

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Thank you! Many of us are working 10, 11, 12+ hrs a day! Our service is just as important to us as carriers as it is to our customers! Normally, the summer volume allows us to decrease our work hours from the holiday season, so that we meet that 2080 magic mark by mid Oct, (our fiscal year). However, thanks to everyone staying home, our work hours have become similar to holiday hours, due to increased online shopping. I’m hopeful that out Postal Service can continue providing timely service & be given the $ needed to acquire a new services… Read more »