Congressional leader statements on the Bipartisan Postal Service Reform Act

Comer Markup Statement on Bipartisan Postal Service Reform Act

In his opening statement, Ranking Member Comer commended the bipartisan efforts undertaken to help ensure the Postal Service is self-sufficient so it continues to provide service to the American people. He outlined the bill’s provisions to help improve the Postal Service’s operations and fiscal sustainability, and concluded by calling on Congress to support it. Read more

Connolly Statement on Bipartisan Postal Reform Passing the Oversight and Reform Committee

The PSRA would boost the Postal Service’s financial outlook and drive cost savings through a handful of key provisions. The PSRA would require Postal employees to enroll in Medicare when they become eligible, which is in line with private sector practice and could save approximately $36 billion over a 10-year period.  Read more

Chairwoman Maloney’s Opening Statement on Postal Service Reform Act at Business Meeting

While I recognize that as this bill moves forward there will be the need for additional technical adjustments to ensure that Postal Service employee benefits are protected, the bipartisan reforms included in this bill will increase transparency, improve service, and put the Postal Service on more sustainable footing for years to come. Read more


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