Congressional bill aims to protect workers in extreme heat

Last July, U.S. Postal Service carrier Peggy Frank was found dead after overheating in her mail truck in Woodland Hills. On that record-breaking 117-degree day, the 63-year-old North Hills resident died on July 6 of hyperthermia, or abnormally high body temperature caused by a failure of the body to deal with the heat coming from the environment.

Following her death, the Occupational Safety and Hazards Administration launched an investigationinto her death, ultimately citing the U.S. Postal Service for violations totaling nearly $150,000.

One year after Frank’s death, Rep. Judy Chu, D-Pasadena, has introduced federal legislation that protects workers in hot conditions.

The Asuncion Valdivia Heat Illness and Fatality Prevention Act — named for a worker who died a preventable death from heat stroke after working for 10 hours straight in 105-degree temperatures — requires the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to establish a federal requirement that workers in hot conditions have paid breaks in cool spaces, access to water and limitations on how long they can be exposed to heat. The bill is named after a worker who died from heatstroke after working 10 hours straight in 105-degree temperatures. It would cover the U.S. Post Office, where Peggy Frank worked, according to representatives from Chu’s office.


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Paid breaks in cool place is a joke. Air conditioned vehicles is what is desperately needed. Buy back plan is also needed so those that worked as subs, for many years w/o benefits, can retire.

The post office is appealing the $150,000 fine imposed by OSHA. What’s that tell you?

Yes Yes!!! PLEASE WRITE YOUR CONGRESSMAN immediately. I rallied my coworkers to do so & our congressman says he will cosponsor bill. HR 2478 is in committee now, so write your congressman, get every rural carrier in your office to do it NOW! Info on NRLCA website under grassroots legislation This is for military folks also!

This isn’t going to resurrect the dead. Precautions should have already been in place. Shame.

Uh air conditioned vehicles is what’s needed cuz I’ve discovered the problem is there is no place to get relief. In your vehicle is over 100 outside is over a hundred and you have a deadline to finish in a certain amount of time. Theres no relief you just move to the next box get out and have the blazing sun clamp down on you then get back in 120 degree vehicle and move on its horrible

we must strive for, don’t talk, to act.