Congress stimulus negotiations: Things are finally starting to move

The Democratic negotiators demanded, and will get, a meeting with the Postmaster General on Wednesday. Funding for the US Postal Service is a major issue in these talks and this meeting — and any commitments that come from it — could go a long way toward easing the path on that issue. Or making it more complicated.
As Schumer told reporters: “We have demanded that we talk to the Postmaster General because we have seen the late mail and we’re very worried about the effect on the election. And he’s going to come meet with us tomorrow and explain to us why there are so many delays and how that might affect the election.”
CNN’s Manu Raju reports Democrats have offered plussing up USPS money by $10 billion over one year. The House-passed Heroes Act had $25 billion for the USPS over three years.
Schumer has been trying to get DeJoy on the phone but the postmaster general hasn’t scheduled a call with him — so this will be the first time they talked, one of the sources said.
Not subtle: When it comes to the tone and tenor of the talks up to this point, note this pointed remark from Pelosi to reporters after the meeting. Read into it what you will given who Pelosi and Schumer are negotiating with on this bill.

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